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MSEPlus™ walls are built with only one panel type, simplifying the construction process.

Using one universal panel, rather than several dedicated types eliminates the logistical headaches and delays that inevitably rise from having to locate and deliver a specific panel type among hundreds while the project is on a critical path. Our panels connect to any reinforcement size, adding easy repetition to construction and speeding up the process. Only MSEPlus™ solves this problem.


Fast Tool-Free Connections

Two workers can align, place and connect SSL's reinforcing mesh to the rear of a facing panel in under one minute. Forget using special tools to connect a ribbed strip system. 

Custom-Sloped Wall Toppings

SSL can create custom, precisely contoured wall toppings to complete the upper geometries of your wall. No more time spent forming and pouring concrete leveling steps.


Unrivaled Structural Performance

The reinforcement pull out strength of of SSL's galvanized steel mesh consistently measures 3-4 times stronger than traditional steel strip systems. SSL's structural benefits for the soil mass translates into walls that start straight, and stay straight throughout their lifetimes.


Single stage Walls


Built quickly, easily, and economically.


Single-stage MSE walls are used in 98% of projects involving embankments, ramps, and bridges in North America.


This methodology is the industry standard for FHWA and state DOT projects. Offering advantages for slope stabilization and slide control, SSL's MSEPlus™ single-stage MSE walls provide exceptional structural performance and are tolerant of substantial and differential foundation settlements. 


Single-stage walls are structurally elegant, highly cost-effective solutions for engineered structures with heavy load-bearing capacities.


Custom designed, application-specific MSEPlus™structures are regularly employed for construction of railways and highway bridge abutments, dams, material storage facilities, temporary foundation platforms for bridge building, and more.


For projects built on highly compressible soils with anticipated total settlements of three feet or more and differential settlements of 1/100 or higher, the MSEPlus™ Two-Stage Wall System is recommended.

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Two-Stage Walls

Highly Flexible structures for differential settlements.


Accommodates wall movements that often occur when a heavy MSE backfill structure is built on compressible foundation soils.


This system is recommended for all MSE installations with expected differential settlements of 1/100 or more and the total expected settlement is greater than three feet.


An MSEPlus™ Wire Wall with an outer covering of concrete facing panels for an architectural finish.


Construction involves first building the wire-faced wall to accommodate the expected foundation settlements. After primary settlement and a portion of secondary settlement is complete, the concrete facing panels are placed approximately three feet in front of the wire wall face. Each panel is connected to its reinforcement in the backfill by means of coil loop connectors and threaded coil rods, allowing for appropriate relative movement between the primary soil reinforcement and facing panels.


Learn more about SSL's Wire Wall Systems.




GeoPlus™ walls are made of precast concrete facing panels and a discrete high adherence polymeric soil reinforcing strips.

GeoPlus™ by Maccaferri is a rapidly deployed three component Mechanically Stabilized Earth retaining wall system that outperforms traditional reinforced concrete structures on durability, corrosion resistance, and cost. 


Polymeric Reinforcing Strips

The ParaWeb™ reinforcements are planar strips made of multifilament polyester yarns that are co-extruded with a LLDPE sheath to form high tenacity polymeric strips. The polyethylene coating allows for use in highly alkaline environments. 

Connecting System

GeoPlus™ walls are connected using the HDPE Macbox™ system for corrosion protection. The system is held in place with embedded steel rebar encased in a polymeric sleeve. ParaWeb™ reinforcements are simply wrapped around the anchor bar.


Wire Walls


structural alternative for non-aesthetic projects. 


Employed on a wide variety of highway, industrial, mining, and forestry projects.


SSL's welded wire-faced MSE system, although not aesthetically faced, are structurally equivalent to SSL's Single-Stage Walls and carry some advantages. The system's lightweight components, inherent flexibility, economy, and versatility make it well suited for temporary and permanent applications where settlement tolerance, easy transport, installation, and adaptability to special innovations are important.

SSL's Wire Walls are central to MSE technological innovations.


Originally developed as a low-cost alternative to precast walls, SSL's Wire Walls now serve as base structures for Two-Stage MSE Walls and unique custom-colored, hand-sculpted shotcrete walls used on historical and environmentally sensitive projects throughout the U.S.


We also offer temporary wire walls for short-term projects.


Specialty Walls

unique mse installations call for innovative solutions.

SSL's MSEPLUS™ Greenwall System enables ornamental vegetation to cover the surface.


The Greenwall System is a fully-functional MSE wall with facing panels that accommodate soil, root systems, and drip irrigation for sustaining vegetation. The wall surface can be placed vertically or in a tiered setback configuration. 


Tiered Walls offer aesthetically pleasing solutions for MSE projects with large vertical drops.

On a tight schedule? SSL's Full Height Panel Walls can cut installation time in half.

A tiered wall offers partial heights and progressive contours that can better follow and blend into the surrounding landscape. For every MSEPLUS™tiered wall project, SSL will perform and provide the required stability analysis and design engineering documents, supply of materials, sequencing drawings, and technical support for the installation.

MSEPlus™ Full Height Panel Walls, and their virtually endless array of surface treatments provide a broader range of potential design effects in less time. When speed and aesthetics are the priority, SSL's Full Height Panel Walls reduces installation time and are available in 5', 8', and 10' widths with variable heights up to 40' with optional, custom contoured tops.