SSL Innovative construction products mechanically stabilized reinforced earth retaining wall structures

The Contractor's Edge

Today’s MSE contractors don’t want to solve jigsaw puzzles. They want production-line efficiency. They want speed, value and a sharp edge on profitability.

MSE Walls

  • Mechanically stabilized earth wall systems for highway, civil engineering and property development projects.
  • Also known as Reinforced earthen walls, retained earth walls, Hilfiker walls, wire walls, earth retaining structures, reinforced earth walls

That’s why MSEPlus by SSL has become the system of choice among North America’s top highway contractors. Here’s how:

One Panel Fits All

An MSEPlus wall is built with only one panel type. That’s right: just one universal panel, not several dedicated types, connects to any reinforcement size. This is a huge benefit. It adds simplicity and easy repetition to the construction process. It also eliminates the logistical headaches and delays that inevitably arise from having to locate and deliver a specific panel type among hundreds while the project is moving on critical path. That’s what MSE contractors refer to as the jigsaw puzzle problem. Only MSEPlus solves it for you.

jig-saw puz-zle (noun)

  1. a complex, confusing situation, condition, or item composed of diverse elements similar in appearance.
  2. a puzzle consisting of non-uniform pieces that are to be fitted together with difficulty to form an image.

Fast, Tool-Free Connections

It takes less than a minute for two workers to align, place and connect SSL’s reinforcing mesh to the rear of the facing panel. Compare that to the time it takes to connect a ribbed strip system using nuts, bolts and special tools. There is no comparison.

Custom-Sloped Wall Toppings

To speed your schedule even more, SSL will, upon request, furnish precisely-contoured topping panels that complete the upper geometries of your finished wall. So rather than having to form and pour concrete leveling steps above the panels, you can begin on the final coping immediately. This is another example of how SSL has fit the technology to the contractor, rather than making the contractor fit to the technology.

Unrivaled Structural Performance

The reinforcement pullout strength of SSL’s galvanized steel mesh consistently measures 3 to 4 times greater than that of steel strip systems. In addition to the obvious structural benefits for the soil mass, this translates into walls that begin straight and stay straight throughout their lifetimes.

SSL’s systems and services address every application of MSE wall types known today with a wide variety of finishes. We offer single-stage and two-stage precast panel systems, welded wire walls, sculpted shotcrete walls, plantable green walls and more. We invite you to give us a call with any question or challenge you may have.

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