Specialty Walls

unique mse installations call for innovative solutions.

SSL's MSEPLUS™ Greenwall System enables ornamental vegetation to cover the surface.


The Greenwall System is a fully-functional MSE wall with facing panels that accommodate soil, root systems, and drip irrigation for sustaining vegetation. The wall surface can be placed vertically or in a tiered setback configuration. 


Tiered Walls offer aesthetically pleasing solutions for MSE projects with large vertical drops.

On a tight schedule? SSL's Full Height Panel Walls can cut installation time in half.

A tiered wall offers partial heights and progressive contours that can better follow and blend into the surrounding landscape. For every MSEPLUS™tiered wall project, SSL will perform and provide the required stability analysis and design engineering documents, supply of materials, sequencing drawings, and technical support for the installation.

MSEPlus™ Full Height Panel Walls, and their virtually endless array of surface treatments provide a broader range of potential design effects in less time. When speed and aesthetics are the priority, SSL's Full Height Panel Walls reduces installation time and are available in 5', 8', and 10' widths with variable heights up to 40' with optional, custom contoured tops.